Gender Trouble with Cats


Exam One : Post-Maxism

Starring : Tammy (Tam) and Louis (Lou)

Tammy and Louis are at a rooftop party. They were invited by their friend Maryjane. As they are sitting at the bar they overhear a person talking about they can’t believe that advertisers spend so much money on advertising, it doesn’t get them to buy anything. They claim they don’t buy into the ideology of capitalism they argue they are their own person.

Tam: Louis do you know what C.R.E.A.M means ?

Lou: No what does that mean.

Tam: It means Cash Rules Everything Around Me in today’s society certain people have more influence than others with the power to shape the economic, national issues, and social welfare.

Lou: People are not self conscious agents instead they are being transformed into subjects. People identities are constructed through agencies such as the family, mass media, education institutions and the church.

Tam: Who controls these agencies?

Lou: The super rich and powerful and their views are imposed on us until we believe that these ideologies are the way of life. Ideology is a material practice for example giving gifts at Christmas.These things give us enjoyment or delight but in the end we return to our place in the social order because we produce the social conditions absolutely essential for capitalism to continue.

Tam: It’s the mean of influence for example the bourgeoisie is able to dominate the political system and the economy. Their influence on the political world is strong with campaign contributions lobby organizations. The majority of the stock market belongs to the upper class giving them influence on the economy. The dominant ideology in society is produced and maintained how ?

Lou: It is produced and maintained by the Repressive Ideological State Apparatuses(ISA) and (RSA). The ISA’s such as the family, education institutions, church (religion) and mass media is reinforced from an early age obedient behavior is a must so people can follow and maintain the values and rules of the dominant classes. The ISA does the work for the powerful making us into law abiding citizens, family members, church members, capitalists and students. The RSA on the other hand uses physical forces such as police, courts, government, and the army to have dominance over the public behavior.

Tam: There is no escape from capitalism what about the values of individualism and freedom?

Lou: The upper class has the power to influence people making people lose their individuality and become subject’s based on ideological views.

Tam: Whoever has the money rules the world and in this case its the super powerful and rich.

EXAM 1:Post -Marxism

I tried to tie in the rejection if ideology and the influences that many young people believe in, but are not quite aware of the full definition and end up creating just another sub-culture of a new norm.


Setting: Willaimsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Louise and Marie have decided to set up a date to meet at an art show in the heart of brookly hoping to re-kindle their lost love since louise had returned to France for quite a while. This is thier frist date.

Louis, this art show is just splendid!

Yes my dear, I do agree. I have chosen this place as our first date because it reminds me how art can be so diverse. I can truly see how every piece has a sense of individuality. The strokes on this piece can never be exactly imitated by another hand. It’s just so comforting to see how art is probably the closest thing to individuality . you see my dear, we as individuals do not possess complete individuality. We are all born into an ideological world.


Louise, I don’t understand, if we don’t possess complete individuality and we are the creators of this art, then how is it that art has more individuality than we do?

Well dear, it is quite simple, but let me go get us some appetizers before I explain 🙂

O wonderful, let me accompany you my love

As Louis and Marie approach the appetizer table they walk into a conversation happening between 2 other individuals. They overhear a man in his mid-twenties talking about advertisements and how useless they are. He is dressed in some converse shoes and black jeans

“Advertisements are for people who like to be gullible and conform, I find that ads only work for the naive. They try to follow societies every move and make clones of themselves while they’re at it. I, myself, follow my own path. See, this is all a plan for the perfect capitalistic society . All these big bosses just want to control everyone and make them buy buy buy ! Their ads condition society into thinking they’re making a smart investment. I consider myself a happy, independent individual who has achieved liberation from it all” ! 🙂

As this young man is talking we see Louis approaching as he has decided to cut in.

“If i may only interrupt for a moment gentlemen, my name is Louise and I happen to have taken interest in your conversation. It seems to me that your individualistic approach make sense , but seem to lack some knowledge  of what it means to be an individual. You see you are claiming to have deviated from the effects of ideology and you consider yourself to have reached a utopia of individualism. I must explain to you what ideology is and how you perceive yourself is not correct. I can then help you and give you a few suggestions on how to achieve what you are looking for. You see, ideology is something that we are born into, we are the subjects of ideology, we respond to the world according to what we see, hear, smell. We are influenced to formulate our own ideas. you must have been influenced a certain way where the ideology you hold is rebellious the normal one and you are trying to do the opposite. Every institution in the world belongs to a ideological state apparatus. An ISA is a specific institution that helps shape who we are. An example is the clothing store you bought your clothes from. We also have a repressive state apparatus. This type is a more unified one that more or less controls us to keep us in line of the proper ideologies we must follow. I don’t think you have completely deviated from ideology, but you may be rebelling a bit. If are telling me that you are not an ideologist, the explain to me why you decided to wear this outfit? I can tell that this is some type of shoe bought clothing that you were influenced to buy. You evidently did not make this from scratch. You are here in this art show because some how you are influenced by this art work. Everything in life is ideological and influences a person to shape themselves accordingly. Today you young “hipsters” are so into deviation from the norm that you actually create a whole new norm. You guys reject mainstream music, but praise other types that become mainstream within you culture. You guys deliberately deviate into a whole new type of liberation that may as well incarcerate you into a new type of normality. you see, real individuality comes from inside , not a collective of ways you “should” follow in order to become a complete individual. You are saying ads don’t get to you , yet you are clearly wearing urban outfitter. I know because my nephew shops there. Well I must return to my company. Good evening gentlemen.


Frantz Fanon : Black Skin, White Masks Reading Response / Spivak : Can the Subaltern Speak Reading Response

The reading Black Skin, White Masks was difficult to understand but mind opening at the same time. Fanon analyzes the experiences of the black man and language in a white world. Fanon states,”The black man possesses two dimensions one with his fellow blacks, the other with the whites. A black man behaves differently with a white man than he does with another black man.” I want to relate this to DuBois concept of the double consciousness in which the black man is dealing with an identity struggle between being of black descent and being an American in this white dominated culture. Fanon mentions that there is an extraordinary power in the possession of a language. The title of the book took me off guard at first, but then I realized what it meant that the black man puts on this white mask in effort to fade away the association of being black. This creates a division between the black man’s consciousness and his body. Fanon has a Marxist perspective. When the black man decides to put on this white mask he is making his self weak pretending to be someone he is not.

The reading, “Can The Subaltern Speak” by Spivak was hard to comprehend but after reading it a couple of times. I got some type of understanding of Spivak who critiques Foucault and Deleuze power structure and power dynamic. Spivak has a Marx’s perspective and she discusses the subaltern, representation, and colonialism. She mentions how the subaltern has no voice and they cannot speak for themselves. Spivak’s criticism of Foucault and Deleuze the radical implications of the ‘crisis of the subject’ by introducing the concept of ‘subject effects,’ which differ in name, but not in function, from traditional subjects (273) .She also criticizes Foucault for emphasizing the pervasiveness and heterogeneity of power while ignoring how power produces ideology, and instead filling the place of ideology with a generalized notion of ‘culture.’ (274)