How media failed women

I thought it was interesting the things that the video pointed out as triumphs and failures. Some I just didn’t agree with. However this shows that the power systems we seek liberation from are the one’s doing the oppressing.


4 thoughts on “How media failed women

  1. Even the women who make it successful in the media are still being sexualized. It’s really hard for women to be seen as equals in this patriarchal society. When women want to do something- (be a government leader) -they get criticized for trying something that they are not “qualified” for. When the ones in power are doing the oppressing, change is not possible.

  2. I’d love to hear more about what you mean when you say you didn’t agree. Or for that matter what you mean when you say you agreed. What kind of things seem problematic and which don’t and why?

  3. Well first off I fell like people generally think of women who show their bodies or are comfortable in it enough to use it to their advantage are “slutty” and degrade the image of Woman or even perpetuate the exploitation that women receive in this male dominant society. I don’t think this is true, and I think that by thinking this way we actually contribute to the problem. If walking around half naked is someone’s way of self expression who are we to tell them no. When we say “oh that’s wrong,” we force them into a wall and make other people treat them like other and then issues like sex trafficking materialize. A woman thinking that she’s sexy and embracing her body for what it is isn’t what’s wrong. Forcing woman to be holy and innocent and pure in public but “a freak in the bed” is what’s wrong. What is also wrong with a woman who is a slut? There are plenty of men who are … Because we put these things in the dark, they then can be exploited. We see this in prostitution. In places like Nevada where it isn’t a big dirty secret, there are regulations that ensure safety and protection for the women and men who work in brothals. I’m aiming this at the video’s putting Rihanna twerking in her MV as a failure because I don’t see it as a failure; I think it can empower women to love themselves and express themselves however they feel. Does it also teach young girls to only think of themselves as an item for men to leer at? Yes, but this is easily avoided: teach your son not to objectify women, teach your daughter to value herself and her integrity. We also have to readjust how available sex is to youth because it does come with certain consequences: this doesn’t mean keeping it in the dark. And as a society, we need to revaluate how we view women so that we don’t ostracize them and ask them to keep “sex” a secret.

    The video also thought that the achievements of women in film was a triumph. I personally thought that was ridiculous, these things should already be and by pointing out that “oh well that woman did this thing that these men did” we are comparing woman to man and further perpetuating the discourse, and that’s irrelevant.

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