I think it’s absurd that when I first saw this video I thought it was an actual thing being implemented by NYPD and then I noticed that it was made by the onion. It’s absurd because we wouldn’t be surprised if something like that actually happened. the absurdity of the video also says something about how racial and unaffective stop and frisk is.
Also, as a media outlet I don’t think that the onion and other things like it are fulfilling their duty (as media) by just producing satirical versions of news. I think it’s a step calling these things out for people to see, but at the same time, media, as the 4th unofficial sect in our democratic government should provide more facts.

here’s the link,34731/


2 thoughts on “,34731/

  1. Stop and frisk is definitely a problem. As much as they say its random, the suspicious ones are always minority groups, particularly Black and Latino men.

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