School as the idealogical apparatus

Althusser’s point about Schools and it’s role amongst the idealogical apparatus really resonated with me because I’ve always thought of Schools as the beacon of hope against ┬ásocial ills since it provides future leaders with the information and tools they need to change society. However, Althusser argues that schools are actually a bigger reproducer of exploitation than the church or any other idealogical apparatus. Like Althusser says, Schools create labor force and capitalist leaders by teaching them basic know-how to be able to conduct their roles. This idea chattered what hope I have in Schools as a way for us to break the statuesque .

Althusser then also goes on to say that not all students think with the system, that some go against the grain and then teach other students to not think with the system. My question is how do those students learn to think against the system when the structure that should remain objective towards the system actually aids its continuation. where did they learn that the system is wrong if not in school? If schools are aiding the system, where do the inheritors of our society learn to also recognize that system is wrong and that they should fix it?